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 A few months ago I had a hernia operation and not being able to workout for these past months has, well, added a few pounds, well, more like 30ish, to my frame!

Easing back into exercising has been daunting to say the least! Although I regularly instruct martial arts, it is amazing to me how quickly I've lost some ability AND gained the weight! 

Some are saying it's my age (53) and although that may be a part of it, I cannot let this define me! 

I've gone through and still have many physical issues and limitations that over the years I've learned to work with and around!  I WILL get back to where I was before this recent surgery and perhaps even gain more of what I had 20 something years ago when I first walked into the dojo...especially since it is my plan to travel to Japan in 2020!

Please join me, as I begin this journey with, as I call it, MyFitnessFoe...the one holding me accountable for my dietary choices! 


Sunday October 22, 2017

Downloaded this app called "My Fitness Pal" all you do is enter your weight loss goal and in what span of time you'd like to accomplish it. Then you enter what you weigh now, all the food, snacks etc you consumed during the day and the app logs it and let's you know how you're doing on making your goal and will tell you what changes to your diet/daily intake you should make. Based upon what the app said is NOT my pal, nor never will be!

Monday October 23, 2017

Let's see what "My Fitness Foe" says today! Yeah, that's his new nickname...

YES! I know that's high in saturated fat, "My Fitness Foe"....but I'm still fitness whole thing in my mouth! And I'll still be UNDER in overall calories today! BTW, I've given you a snarky British accent!

On tonight's episode of "MyFitnessFoe" i came home and after entering the days food intake AND my exercises for the day, I had about 1400 calories left! WOW! BONUS!....NOPE!! Apparently adding your exercise is counterproductive to weight loss! Wait! What! OH, Yes! you're supposed to DO the exercises but not get any credit for them! Where's my trophy! Only the "not so serious" enter their exercise, it gives you a false sense or some other nonsense! NOPE, only the devout will win in the end! So, I did wind up with 114 extra calories after deleting my exercises, take that MyFitnessFoe! HAH! However, it would have been nice to have a sundae or a side of bacon!

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