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MyFitnessFoe - The Second Course

October 24, 2017 Woke up this morning with the best of intentions...AND I kept them! Well, it was mostly due to my snarky British accented "MyFitnessFoe"! All day long there he was, watching me, staring me down...every step I took, every food I ate, he was watching me....judging me Still thinking it's pretty crazy that I shouldn't add the exercise in, I get it, but it's crazy! October 25, 2017 Forgot my afternoon protein bar at home this morning...every calorie counts and the protein really helps get me through the karate classes! So I figured I'll just hop over to "Whole Paycheck" and grab a replacement! Yeah, that's nuts! It was .75¢ more that where I usually buy it! AND THEN, the lady at the register was JUDGING ME over my decision to take my receipt! Seriously lady!? This was her, "that'll be $2.99 please." Me, "is this a chip thing?" Her, with eye roll "yeeees" ... I press appropriate buttons. Her, "do you want your receipt?" Me, "yes, please". She actually huffed and said, "oh, fine, here you go!" Her attitude was that I, yes, me, personally had chopped down an entire Amazon rain forest for that little strip of paper coming out of the register! Man! I'm really hungry! 😕 Well, here it is, 6:45pm and one more class to go, the adult class! Interestingly, there's not a bit of food nearby and I've got 1004 calories left for the day. Well at least that's what MyFitnessFoe says! We'll see what that number is when I get home later and can actually eat! I can hear him now! "Oh, sorry about that mate! How about some celery?" It certainly was much easier putting this weight on....motivation, motivation, motivation!

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