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Our Maine Experience

We had a chance to take a break this past weekend, here is a humored look at our experience.

So, we spent a week up in Maine this past Saturday! Ayup, the bride got a Groupon for a nice hotel real close to the center of Kennebunkport, only to find out that it could only be used during the “off-season”. So, we booked our stay and off we went.


We arrived at our destination and entered a beautifully small lobby and not an employee to be seen. On the front desk was an out of place, beautiful though, antique bell. We were unsure if this was for looks, or if it actually would work...hesitantly, we rang it, “ding”....nothing! I heard some noise through the small pub and peeked in. There, in the back was the employee. It seems that in the off-season, just one is needed. I gave a friendly, “hello” and although a bit startled, he came right out with the obligatory, “sorry, didn’t hear you come in. Well, obviously! Unless you’re in the habit of ignoring customers. I made some small joke about the bell and that got a chuckle.

There we are now, in the lobby at the desk, with our luggage, and he asks, “how may I help you?” After a sideward glance to the bride, I said, “checking in”. He asked for the name and I told him and he replied, “oh, you’re the Groupon.” Wait! THE Groupon!? As if they sold only ONE! Yikes!

(Little did he know that not only was it a Groupon, but, there was a coupon ON the Groupon!)

He then asked for a credit card, but we (you know “the Groupon” folks) should know *nothing* will be charged to it, it’s only in case of any incidentals or any case of a wild party or something”. Great, he gets card, swipes and sees its “ok”. He then proceeds to tell us about the hotel and that in the morning there’s a continental breakfast, he leans in and partly whispers, “it’s free”. We’re now dying inside!

Fast forward we walk up to the room, what a charming room it was too with a lovely view of the parking lot through the dwindow, you know a door AND a window.

Then came the decision on where to “dine” that evening. Quite honestly, I would have been happy, driving back to Wells to have “dined” at the Bull-n-Claw and had “steak and legs” (look it up)

First stop though, was to The Candy Man. Good friends own it and we always stop there or at Johnny’s Candy Corner in York every time we’re in Maine.

We headed to the “Ocean” restaurant and stopped along the way to take some pics and video of the waves crashing over the rocks. The waves were still crazy from the tail end of the previous days nor’ was a lot colder than we thought it was supposed to be, so that was short-lived.

We Arrived at the restaurant and were disappointed to hear it was a *private event* for “Pierre’s Table” only. How did they know my name wasn’t Pierre? to find another restaurant!

We settled on The Burleigh which was actually recommended by several folks...we had some misgivings about the menu, but, are glad we ate there. Everything was perfect, delicious and Gluten Free for me! Their local grass-fed beef was outstanding!

It was still early after dinner so we took a ride...somewhere along the way; on the side of the road was a Green Line Trolley! Yes, from Boston! I hadn’t remembered the Green Line coming this far north but then realized it was the Trolley Museum! Remembered going there as a kid!

We wound up in Biddeford! You know why it’s called Biddeford? Yeah, me neither….might have something to do with all the old biddy’s that seem to be there. Did some browsing and shopping at Big Lots, the bride found me a Blue Ray copy of Die Hard for $5.00!! Needed a new copy since I couldn’t find the one I had when I went to watch it at Christmas time. Yes, it IS a Christmas movie!

Driving back to the hotel, we saw a neon sign outside a small motel that read, 'NO'. That’s it, just 'NO'. I guess if you were thinking about staying there, there’s your answer!

Fast forward to the morning and our (free LOL) continental breakfast was just coffee for me and a tea for the bride... it was not for a gluten-free person.

We stopped a few miles away at All Day Breakfast that oddly closed at 2:00, so the name may need a little tweaking!

Ultimately, we had an awesome time, we always do and we love have to make life fun or else it will wear you down. We try to take these little breaks whenever possible, both of us work, own and run the karate school and with our kids our days/weeks are super busy

But, this part of Maine is best in the warmer weather....unless you’ve got a Groupon with a coupon!

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