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Bay State Martial Arts - Crabwalk Soccer

Getting children engaged in their martial arts training can be, at times, challenging. They can often seem bored of the repetition required in the arts to improve technique.

As an instructor, it is your duty to keep them engaged and active. One of the best ways to do this is to utilize age-appropriate games to not only keep them moving, but to keep them interested. There is never anything wrong with a little friendly competition. It could be something as simple as a relay type race, a kicking contest or one of our favorites - Crabwalk Soccer. Two goals are setup, teams are made and the objective is the same as regular soccer but all the players must stay in crabwalk while in the game. This a great exercise for the core, the arms and the legs.

The possibilities are endless on games and activities.

Hope you enjoyed this blog - come back soon for more!

World Champion Shihan Brian Sweetser is a 7th degree black belt with 25+ years of experience in the martial arts. Bay State Martial Arts has been operating since 2006 when he opened it with his bride, Laura. Together, they have made BSMA the #1 Martial Arts school in Woburn, Ma -

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